The volume of normative indicators of cement production

The calculation standards for the production of cement characterize the share of normative conditionally clean products in the estimated cost of enlarged types of work, structural elements or technological complexes.

The nomenclature of work for each production unit is established on the basis of temporary assessments of the work received in the preparation of a calendar schedule.

The nomenclature of work for production sites is determined taking into account the construction projects provided in the plan for the consolidation of production sites. The nomenclature of work for the teams of workers is determined on the basis of the data of the compiled schedule of the movement of complex and specialized brigades, but construction objects.

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The procedure for calculating basic labor indicators. The next part of the operational plan “Plan for labor and wages” contains the following indicators: planned labor costs for construction and installation work; the average number of employees, including workers; average production for 1 employee according to the standards of wages for 1 rubles., salary fund; average wage 1 employee.