Fashionable clothes select the style correctly

It is no secret that with the help of correctly selected clothing, one can distinguish the advantages of your figure and distract attention from its shortcomings. For example, models with a V-neck visually lengthen the neck, while a round neckline visually shortens it and makes it more fully.

For buyers online, the clothes presented in catalogs on the sites are sorted by brands and stylistic directions, which allows you to easily navigate and choose the desired style.

If a woman has narrow shoulders and wide hips, a model with tuning sleeves will help to “balance” the figure. With this type, the figure should not be put on a fitting top. Instead, it is better to choose an option with flower stalls or a voluminous collar. If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips, lush skirts of any cut – your option. From color combinations, it is better to prefer a dark top and a light bottom.

Light tones visually increase the volume, while dark shades visually reduce it.

Although the weaker sex pays much more attention to the choice of things than men do it, fashionable men’s clothing requires no less thoughtful approach. How to choose the right style of classic men’s costume? We recall the main rule: clothing should emphasize the advantages of the figure and distract attention from its shortcomings. Athletic physique men can safely recommend the clothes of any cut. Slender young people are perfect for costumes sewn in Italian patterns – they perfectly repeat the contours of the figure and sit like gloves.

It is better for thin customers to choose double -breasted jackets and slightly dilated trousers. Such free clothing will make the figure more courageous and give more volume where it is necessary.

If you need to hide extra pounds, your option is laconic costumes without unnecessary details. Any additional elements should be avoided that create the illusion of an even larger volume.

High men of large physique should choose single -breasted jackets on one button. Double -breasted jackets make the figure visually even wider, so for tall young people this option is not suitable. Suitable American and European patterns.

The most important rule in creating the image is its relevance and the lack of cheap accessories. The ability to look good and feeling fashion trends is not inherent in everyone, but this can be learned by trying on different styles.