Transportation of oversized goods

Heavy and oversized cargoes include various objects that have a number of specific features, the weight and size of which does not allow transporting standard transport, taking into account safety and established rules for their transportation.

The list of non -standard goods, which is constantly replenished, includes construction and agricultural equipment, turbines, heavy equipment, yachts, cabins, steam boilers. The transportation of oversized goods requires special permits that contain information about the parameters of the cargo used by the vehicle, the conditions of movement, the agreed route.

What technique is used for oversized cargo transportation?

For the organization of such transportation, specialized equipment is used, which include trawls, low -grade trailers and semi -trailers that have bruises that allow you to place loads of different sizes. Sometimes the weight of oversized cargo exceeds 38 tons, which is above the weight norm. Such heavy cargoes are transported in compliance with all precautions on semi -trailer, the special design of which allows you to withstand the loads up to 100 tons. In some situations, several types of transport with the participation of the forwarder are involved in the optimal transportation of goods.

When transporting CTG, circuits and belts are used as a fastening, and in some cases special mounts that a cargo owner or carrier company provides.

Who can organize transportation?

In the structure of large companies engaged in the production and sending of oversized cargoes, there are often their own logistics departments that are involved in obtaining permits and the study of the optimal route.

If there are no such departments, it is better to contact a specialized transport and expedition enterprise, which will fully be able to take on the organization of safe cargo transportation, protection and insurance at the highest level.

It is obvious that outsourcing of such services will require certain costs, but in the end, time is saved, the need to visit various instances disappears. Such a company will always offer a high -quality range of services, a suitable solution to the most difficult tasks, guaranteed and timely delivery of goods to the necessary destination with the conditions most acceptable for the client.