The design will sell and shampoo and antibiotics

Design inevitably and inexorably penetrates all spheres of our lives. In modern business, design becomes the same important competitive advantage as the consumer properties of the goods. For example, in a store of two cans with a cleaning product or tubes with toothpaste, ceterisis equal – price, packaging volume and other parameters, the buyer will most likely take one that is commonly beautifully decorated. Want to argue? You can discuss it as much as you like with each other, but the controversy with statistics is unlikely to be appropriate. The statistics are inexorable and it just confirms that the money invested in the design of the product almost always pays off with more than.

Moreover, this principle works both with food and antibiotics in a pharmacy, both with bouquets of flowers and pipe reinforcement. For the pharmaceutical industry, the design has long become one of the key points of focusing attention – people are often ready to buy, for example, painkillers based on considerations of convenience of its packaging and a beautiful inscription on a jar, and not because of its effectiveness. Thus, the design of the design actually reaches one level with competition in the key properties of a product. Isn’t it time to think about investing in the design for truly?