American Staffordshire Terrier

Most likely, amateurs of little cute dogs will not appreciate the appearance of Amstaff – wide chest, massive forehead, standing ears. But, in fact, it is very difficult to find a more faithful and smart dog. Under the harsh appearance of the fighting dog hides a loving and good heart of a mongrel.

Those who are interested in the American Staffordshire Terrier can learn about the breed here on a specialized site. American Staffordshire Terriers is a good choice for keeping in the apartment-the growth of the dog is only 43-48 centimeters, with all this, it is necessary to give him space for activity, because they miss Amstaffs without movement. Dogs of this breed are well adapted to life in the city – they do not like to bark without special need, and do not need long walks.

It is not only possible to train and educate amstaffs, but also necessary. Fighting roots in these dogs are quite strong, so they need to pay as much attention as possible, especially in puppy age. In American Staffordshire Terriers, the defender instinct is especially highly developed. They rarely show aggression for other people, only if they feel that the owner needs to be defended.

Amstaffs have a cheerful, flexible character and love human society. American Staffordshire Terriers are friendly to children and love to play with them. Enstaffe training is a pleasure, they like to delight the owner with all kinds of tricks.

American Staffordshire Terriers do not require especially complicated care. Like all other dogs, they need to do preventive vaccinations and from time to time show the veterinarian. Amstaffs wool have a short one, once every few days you need to comb it with a hard brush and this will be quite enough.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a beautiful, faithful dog ready to become your companion and close friend.