Notepad is a great gift

My sister had to have a birthday soon. Here’s what you can give a business woman who has her own business and is able to buy herself everything that she needs? I was lost in conjecture, until my sister recently came to me and complained that she had an end to the diary, in which she usually recorded everything, and there is no time to buy a new one. Here it is – a solution! Exactly. And I will order the sister an original notebook with the logo of her company on the cover. Excellent advertising move, by the way. She will get her notebook somewhere, and the people around him will immediately find out that there is such an organization that is engaged in the design of the holidays.

That’s just where to find the salons to make an order? It seems to me that in our time everything can be bought on the Internet. So notebooks can. I was looking for, and found a wonderful site with online designer, which helps to make a notebook in minutes. Everything is very simple and interesting. You go into this online designer of notebooks and begin to create your own notebook itself. First of all, you need to choose the cover. You can download the finished template, or you can choose your own. I made my own template in a special program and placed the sister’s company logo on it. Then you need to drive the name of the company and the slogan. It is on the front side. And on the reverse you drive the company’s name, slogan, all contact phones, mailing address, email address. It turned out without any problems. The plus is that you can check the spelling. There will be no mistakes, but I always had problems with literacy.

That’s all. It remains to add the order to the basket and place it. This does not take much time. You need to choose a payment method. Which is more convenient for you – a bank transfer, bank card, electronic and cash. By the way, the discount on them depends on the number of ordered notebooks. Maximum – 20%. But it didn’t come in handy, I only ordered one. But how nice it is. Such a cool site, and even with discounts. Next, you choose a delivery method. Production takes 1-2 days. You can take it yourself from the office, or you can use the courier service. Delivery period is curled from the place where the order is required. Will have to pay for the services of the courier, but quite inexpensive. It’s worth it, because the notebooks will bring right home.

The sister was very happy with the gift, and I am happy that I was able to give her a moment of joy. Thank you very much for the site for such an amazing idea and excellent service.