Houses from blocks of salt and newspapers

Salt as a building material is quite popular in deserts, where there are no rains for a long time and the climate is very dry. Residential buildings and even hotels are being built from salt there. To fasten blocks of salt among themselves, no plaster is required: it is enough to wet the blocks and press to each other – and they will immediately fuse.

In such hotels, not only the walls themselves, but also the furniture manage to make from salt – in a similar way. Of course, in European countries, salt construction is, in principle, it is impossible – it rains too often there. However, if the surrounding space is covered with a protective dome (from glass or transparent plastic), then the implementation of the “salt hotel” will become possible there (the exception is only London, where the bulk of the precipitation falls out in the form of fogs, so even very humid air will fall under the protective dome ).

Another radical option is a newspaper house. Newspaper sheets are compressed and covered with varnish that protects the paper from decomposition. As in the previous case, furniture can be built from newspapers in such a house. Dignity of paper – thermal insulation. And, again, the material is very cheap, and the construction technology is simple.