On the arrangement of the attic

One of the most important parts of the work is thorough insulation of the room, because the microclimate in the room, which should be comfortable and comfortable, depends on it. The attic is insulated using fiberglass or mineral wool, foam or cellulose. The materials used for these purposes should be vapor permeable, environmentally friendly and non -combustible. The pitched roof is insulated from the inside with thermal insulation materials with a spring edge having a low density, while the thickness of the insulation is at least twenty centimeters. After the attic insulation work is completed, the installation of electrical wiring is started, which should be carried out in compliance with all safety and fire safety rules. Due to great responsibility and high risks, this type of work is strongly recommended to entrust specialists. Finally, the most pleasant stage is the decoration of the room for which MDF panels, drywall, wooden rails or wallpaper can be used. At the end, the frames are inserted into pre -prepared window openings, the floor is covered with linoleum or laminate, screws the skirting board to it, and artificial lighting is mounted.